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Yichen is the Chinese key manufacturer of welding wire. Grounded on 30 years of industrial experience, we provide full range of welding equipment accessories covering the mild steel flux cored wire, low alloy steel flux cored wire, hardfacing flux cored wire, gas shielded arc welding wire, high strength welding wire, submerged arc welding wire, metal welding wire, and the electrode, etc. These welding consumables are endowed with superior wedability and are available for all kinds of welding machines in diameter ranged from 0.6mm to 3.2mm. Therefore, our product has been extensively applied to industries of shipbuilding, machinery, steel structure, building, metallurgy, bridge and petrochemical, etc. Moreover, we also excel at developing new welding products to fit your specific requirements. For more detailed information, please contact us today!
    1. E71T-1C Gas Shielded Mild Steel Flux Cored Wire

      This CO2 flux cored wire is also endowed with outstanding mechanical property with low diffusible hydrogen level ≤5ml/100g. This welding consumable is typically used in shipbuilding, bridge ...

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    1. E71T-11 Self Shielded Mild Steel Flux Cored Wire

      This 500MPa mild steel welding wire is highly renowned for outstanding wedability, spray transfer, great arc visibility, low spatter and excellent crack resistance. This self shielded mild steel flux cored wire ...

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    1. E81T1-Ni1C Low Alloy Steel Flux Cored Wire

      The E81T1-Ni1C low alloy steel flux cored wire comes with Titanium slag system. This CO2 welding wire generates flawless bead appearance, low spatter, excellent slag detachability and porosity resistance.

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    1. E81T1-B2C Low Alloy Steel Flux Cored Wire

      This gas shielded welding wire is well-suited for 1%Cr-0.5%Mo heat resistant steel. Excellent weldability and stable arc can be achieved in all welding positions while offering low spatter, flawless bead appearance ...

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    1. E308LT1-1/4 Stainless Steel Flux Cored Wire

      Low carbon content in this extra low stainless steel wire is responsible for prominent intergranular corrosion resistance. Additionally, our stainless steel flux cored wire exhibits considerable ...

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    1. YC-ZG100(Q) Gas Shielded Hardfacing Flux Cored Wire

      Our mixed gas shielded welding wire is recommended for various drill pipes in all kinds of conditions and sizes, including heavy duty drill pipe, drill collar, centering device, shock absorber and other down-hole tools, etc.

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    1. YC-YD420(M) SAW Hardfacing Flux Cored Wire

      The SAW hardfacing flux cored wire is a kind of submerged arc welding material. This flux cored wire is designed for continuous casting roll, steam-conditioning valve (510°C), sealed side of high-mounted stop valve ...

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    1. E70C-6M Metal Flux Cored Wire

      Grounded on impressive porosity resistance, our metal welding wire finds extensive application in flat and horizontal fillet welding for steel plate covered by inorganic zinc coatings as well as steel at same grade.

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    1. ER70S-G High Strength Welding Wire

      This gas shielded welding wire enjoys the company of CO2 or Argon-rich gas. Thanks to addition of Ti element, more refined deposition metal is achieved with outstanding mechanical properties.

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